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We carefully polish every our development cases honing it to the perfection and keeping to this principle we have achieved great results in delivering high-quality software solutions.

Featured projects

If we tried to present you all our collection of the websites and web apps we developed, you would spend a whole week studying all the development cases. So here we have prepared a small selection of our recent projects.


A web system that facilitates audience analysis

A broadcasting company approached our developers to create a data visualisation system that could provide statistics on TV audience reach and channels rating. We developed the solution utilising D3.js library with the help of HTML, SVG and CSS technologies what enabled us to bring data to life in an intuitive visual way. The system retrieves the data from the database and analyses it on the client-side what streamlines analytical operations. Our team enabled data visualisation in the graphs and charts ensuring interactive user experience. The system lets advertisers and TV-programmers to organise broadcasting in the most efficient way considering audience preferences.

Auto Dealer

A redesign of a web portal for a network of auto dealers

Our customer, an Australian network of auto dealers, apply to us to implement a reliable and effective search engine in their web portal so that users could easily navigate the website. Our team adhere to the customer’s design ensuring that we will preserve the brand visual identity and incorporated advanced search engine improving the user experience. We enabled customers to browse cars and trucks easily, view special offers, set filters for various parameters and get access to a detailed description. Besides, we implemented functionality that lets book car or services and choose the most convenient dealership. We helped our client to simplify a vehicle search process smoothly implementing required functionality and improving the user experience.

Price Tracker

A web application for effective price monitoring

Our team collaborated with an entrepreneur to develop a web application that monitors Minimum Advertised Price and Universal Price, retail channel activity, and a brand perception management. So that our customer was able to obtain complete online coverage of SKU level activity on a daily basis. The app lets keep tabs on authorised dealers and track activity of unauthorised grey market dealers. With it help, our customer can spot and plug distribution leaks, monitor, and enforce price compliance and promotion, coordinate funds reimbursements and reduce pricing conflict. The application presents an easy-to-use dashboard with incredible functionality and business value.

Law Firm

A responsive redesign for a law company website

Our client had an outdated website and was interested in redesign services ensuring that updated site looks modern and user-friendly not only for web visitors but also for those who discovered their site from their mobile devices. Together we discussed a new-look strategy which will demonstrate a high level of professionalism of our customer attracting more clients. Our analytics department researched various law firms distinguishing their weaknesses and strengths. After we had finalised a solid visual identity, our programmers started to work on desktop and mobile-friendly designs ensuring that it adapts to the screen size of the devices and ensures high usability and intuitivity.

Brand Shop

An eCommerce platform for one of the leading fashion brand

A well-known fashion brand based in Kent and Dartford approached us to build an eCommerce website to boost their business and reach customers all over the UK and the whole world. Our design team strived to translate brand identity via the design, so we created a fresh, cross-device, engaging visual solution. We implemented a tailor-made design and ensured seamless navigation via advanced search functionality. We developed a bespoke CMS that enables brand owners to update the content. And our team also incorporated secure payment gateway so that site visitors could instantly pay via credit card. As the results, their sales have grown as well as their following on Instagram.


A website with an integrated calculator for a window company

An owner of a window company for over 20 years provided his clients with high-quality windows, doors, and conservatories. And to confirm its reputation of a reliable vendor, he approached us to create a trustworthy online presence and help his customers to get acquainted with the company services. Our task was to create a website that converts visitors into valuable leads with an innovative and modern design which adjusts to different screen sizes embracing both web and mobile visitors. Our development team was also asked to implement into price section a custom calculator which lets users determine the price of the service depending on their requirements to the windows. We accomplished the task with success delivering a website that completely meets customer’s needs.
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