Parse App Migration to Heroku and Mongodb

Parse has been very useful for developers. It has always made the task of the developers quite easy. Either it is IOS, Android or any other platform; you will find that you just need to add the Application ID and Master Key and then you can use many cool features that Parse provides. For IOS you can make use of Parse for IOS and for Android Parse for Android. However, Parse is no more. They are now the property of Facebook and app developers are stranded.
However, Parse team has left for developer the open source Parse server with SDK that you can make use of just like the Java SDK. Isn’t that cool! However, you need to migrate from Parse to open source Parse server and for that you need parse migration.
Make best use of our Parse migration service and install the Parse apps on Heroku or AWS according to your liking and keep using the Parse apps for life long.
Its fun even now and Parse will still keep you smiling. Leave migration worries on us and keep using Parse as you used to use before.
Parse has been a great help for App developers. However, since Parse was acquired by Facebook, it was known that Parse services will be shut down soon. However, Parse team has not left completely. Parse services will be available as the Parse SDK. You can use Parse SDK just like you are using Java SDK.
However, as an Android app developer or as an IOS App Developer, you will definitely be looking to find the third party service for Parse App Migration.
Good News!
Parse Migration Services for $500 flat rate.
We move your backend to Amazon AWS and/or Heroku using MongoDB. Less than 6 lines of code in your iOS and Android project. Benefits include
in control over your server speed and resources.
in control over your users. Parse doesn’t have access to your MongoDB database.
affordable and affective web backend solution using PF methods.
Get off of Parse and get a migration that is usually complete within a week!
We are going to launch the Parse app migration services soon!
Stay tuned and do visit our site regularly!