Mobile Software Development Organisation

Mobile software development is a series of processes and procedures that require exceptional skills and knowledge. Our team has acquired skills and experience in the creation of software that has been perfected for many years in various IT projects.

What we do

It can bring together talented and experienced developers, create powerful teams, all team members depend on the skills of others, share the experience within the team and get better results. Our team can provide all kinds of complex bespoke software.

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Native App

Native applications ensure that the software works optimally on any mobile device, made for this exact platform. Native development means using a native tool and a specific programming language that uses the operating system and processors of a specific device. These programs provide the best feel and appearance and require different coding for each type of device that wastes process time if directed to multiple platforms. As for the benefits of native apps, we need to provide faster and better user experience and functionality, take advantage of device hardware and allow new features to be integrated quickly and easily. We have iOS, Android and Windows developers that can provide surprisingly fully customized native applications for the main operating systems.

Web Software Solution

The development of web applications can also empower portable devices with written code for all platforms. Web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc. can reduce the total cost of development by creating a code for all devices. One debatable advantage of web applications is that they do not require storage space when accessed through a browser. At the same time, however, does not provide the icon of the app on the user's home screen, it is difficult to find, because there is a need to use the Internet connection, the use of the web app is not attractive. However, modern technology allows offline caching to provide some functionality in offline mode. Web applications can not provide all the functionality of a native app and the user experience is also degraded. The perspective promises to make browser-based applications independent of the device, but the functionality of web applications is really useful for companies that need to process and store large amounts of data, including real-time. It is to get closer to our developers, we can rely on functional and personalized web applications with good performance and a well-designed user interface, coordinated with all screen sizes.

Multiplatform Program

We have more than 6 years of experience in bespoke website and mobile software development. Our programmers also provide a multiplatform solutions, that is, a single code base, working for multiple operating systems. For consumer apps, this type is best for users with limited project budgets. The idea of ​​multiplatform app development is to write code using web technology and put them in a native shell to enable native functionality. In the end, you can reuse approximately 80% of the code, which greatly reduces the time and cost of development, and simplifies the maintenance of the app. The cross-platform software will be very close to the native user interface design, since all the screens require specific solutions. The designer needs to create the design several times for each specific screen size. In addition, due to differences in the operating system, errors compared to native apps.

As a professional developer of mobile apps, we recommend that you consider developing native applications for 100% compatibility with the platform, a seamless user experience and smooth performance. But when you approach us and talk about the ideas of your app and the tasks that must be solved, we will help you determine the best solution, taking into account your requirements, the time frame and the budget of the project.


Empowerment of Employees

Our team will guide you to collect all the demands and priorities the mobile software requirements to implement the software system, that suits your business goals and improve the workflow of the management processes in the office. Mobile devices and cloud services enable the performance of remote business tasks and are especially useful for service providers and companies with computers and other technologies deeply embedded in workflows. International companies that have offices all over the world or that only have departments in remote locations may be interested in streamlining internal processes using enterprise data mobility. Employees can improve productivity, such as continuous access to real-time data, the automatic reporting function, immediate connection to headquarters, etc. Our software engineers and developers streamline, automate and optimize internal processes to ensure that all corporate data is secure.

Our clients


How do we Work?

As an experienced developer, we offer our clients a flexible approach to ensure that our products fully meet the requirements and meet the business needs. We pay attention to individual clients individually and propose the most appropriate development model. There is a detailed outline of the project and it is not important if you want to complete the software on the agreed date or if you do not have any idea of ​​a mobile app and want to implement new functions and changes gradually as you gradually form the app. Our mobile software development agency choosing the programming approach, based on the concrete business task. We will work, using waterfalls and agile methods, coordinating the development process with the agreed times and requirements.


We are not just coding. Our business analyst conducts extensive research on the market, businesses, competitors and the target audience to ensure the validity of mobile app ideas. To understand how mobile technology can help you in the most effective way, it is important to obtain commercial information. In this stage, the experts in quality control carefully analyze the difficulties of the project and predict possible problems. This analysis work helps to eliminate serious problems in software development and guarantees a robust and scalable architecture of the program.

The design process requires creativity, aesthetic sensitivity and excellent skills. And we are proud that our designers have all these skills and have enough experience to create a human interface design for mobile software. Create an interactive and intuitive design that makes user-friendly navigation and user experience. We are trying to maintain interface guidelines that are familiar with the user's appearance and maintain their own business identity that implements appropriate color patterns, fonts and logos. Our team proposes several designs before the integration in the program. Therefore, you can choose more attractive things and reflect the identity of your company.

We cooperate with developers and have specialized experience in mobile software development to develop complex apps. I agree with you about the basic functionality and design of the app, so programmers and software engineers will take advantage of your ideas. We welcome customer participation in the development process of the software solution and periodically request feedback to adjust the app to meet specific requirements. First, we will deliver an MVP that provides work programs with minimal functions. You can try MVP to see if it is what you are looking for. And we are implementing additional functions based on your comments and continuous improvement. Our team uses all kinds of software development tools to cover all aspects of the creation of mobile software.

  • Native. Our mobile developers have learned many native software development kits for iOS, Android and Windows. Our company have dozens of experienced iOS developers who write on Objective-C and Swift code equally well using the latest Xcode IDE. Our Java programmer can use these powerful IDEs to create Android applications in Android Studio and Eclipse IDE. Our Windows Mobile developers are writing the latest version of Visual Studio in C ++.
  • Web based We have experience in web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, ASP.Net and we provide access to a wide range of libraries and JS APIs. We are excellent at developing both the front end and the back-end, and we can implement any function available in the web app.
  • Cross Platform We have experience in Xamarin's multi-platform framework and PhoneGap. Due to the capabilities of C #, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, you can create excellent cross-platform applications using all the possibilities of this framework.

QA experts will continue to test custom software until launch, in order to facilitate performance, security, stress tolerance and ease of use. We take all the concerns of the shipping process to save you time and value. Although our programmers write codes that meet all coding standards, quality assurance experts ensure the high quality of the program, so you should not worry about reviewing the presentation. After the launch, we provide maintenance service to build a reliable business relationship with customers. You can update and update the software at any time as needed.

How to benefit from mobile apps

If you are interested in custom mobile software for businesses, you have reached the level where mobility is essential rather than luxurious. Given the process of globalization in this digital age, the rapid pace of life, information capabilities, mobile software becomes an element of change to transform the business of people. Our development agency can provide companies with efficient applications that change the workflow and communication with the users of the apps. Creating mobile software means creating native, cross-platform or web applications that strive to take advantage of the unique capabilities of certain devices such as accelerometers, GPS, cameras, etc.

Strengthen the Relationship with the Client

All adults spend more than 3 hours a day on mobile devices. Most of this time people spend on apps. This information points to the advantage of creating your own mobile applications to build better relationships with clients that reach the global audience and potential customers. Our development team helps to promote your brand through apps. You want to inform customers about your activities and services, contact you 24 hours a day at any time, provide online services, promote your company in a new way and provide special loyalty programs for customers.