iPhone App Development: the Cost of Building a Ground-breaking Product

Since the first version of the iPhone, the mobile market has shown an unprecedented growth. In 2014, the rate of use of the smartphone exceeds the use of the desktop for the first time. In statistics, you can see that users of mobile devices spend most of their time in apps. In addition, with the launch of Apple Pay, iPhone manufacturers have access to billions of credit cards from smartphone users around the world. We are here to help you benefit from this market.

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Why is this Popular App?

The epidemic of mobile solutions extends to all mobile platforms, including Android, Microsoft and all other existing mobile operating systems. There is a good reason for this. Mobile apps, businesses and you want to reach more customers, is the perfect marketing tool for companies that want to improve staff mobility. By looking at Uber and Airbnb, they changed the industry and created billions of profits. Please think about that. Billions of dollars.

Where do I Start?

On the other hand, some developers have published free applications downloaded by thousands of users with simple functions. Many companies also know that they do not consider the possibilities of development. Because I'm convinced it will cost, and I do not know where to start. We are trying to show that it is not difficult to dispel this myth and create your own mobile app. Let me tell you what you need to give life to your future app.

What type to Choose?

Before choosing the type of app you develop, decide how much content you have, if you want to actively participate in the development process, if third-party developers are completely dependent on your work. I will evaluate. If you know the exact requirements, you can design the app quickly and without excessive effort. Otherwise, developers can deliver products they do not expect. Even if you are not doing anything about programming, there are several sources of information on the web that will help you learn the basics of mobile strategy development. This can be very useful if you want to participate in decisions throughout the development process.

Stage of Development

The app development process consists of four main stages: discovery, app planning, app architecture, design and implementation. Everything starts with an idea. Once you know that a mobile app is necessary, you should make a vision of how it is. You can get inspiration from your competitors by browsing the Apple Store and see what kind you need.

iPhone App Development Cost Estimation

If you have a clear vision of the product you want to create, evaluate the approximate cost. It is impossible to define precise costs without understanding all the requirements of the project, risks and changes in the function of the app may occur that may be necessary during the process. What you should not forget is that the cost varies greatly depending on the platform and the device in which you create the app. Make sure it is compatible with the latest vesions of the iPhones, iPads, other Apple devices and think about version of the iOS platform it should be oriented to.


Average Cost

The typical development costs for different types of app creation projects are the following.

Basic app with table function

$ 1000 - $ 4000. If you want to minimize the costs of such projects, provide content to the developers, clarify the appearance of the app and show some examples of existing applications with similar functionalities. It would be better to know how to use Photoshop. In this case, you can provide an image of the project and set a limit of $ 1,500. Additional costs will be incurred when integrating applications with social networks, geolocation is tracked or other advanced technologies are used.

Database-based App

$ 8000 - $ 50000. Again, if you want to keep the cost as low as possible, supply all the parts of the content, sound, video, images, etc. However, developers must create logic behind the app, so that they can design their architecture, usability and interaction. Because such applications are generally handled by data, a large amount of app programming is required. Therefore, the framework is all important.

Games for Mobile Devices

$ 10000 - $ 250000. The most difficult project to tackle. For example, Angry Birds has a cost of $ 140000 and a profit of more than 150 million dollars. Programmers with experience in game development certainly know: if you want to cool your app, for example, use a gyroscope to control the behavior of the car in the case of characters and racing games, definitely $ 125,000 More - You need more features. Even if you try to design as simple as possible, the game becomes problematic and becomes more complicated than expected. You need to integrate it into the game center, register the highest score and create an online community. However, if it is attractive and creative, the game can enjoy more opportunities.

If you want to develop programs, developers that do not compromise quality are ready to provide first class solutions, regardless of the simplicity of the functionality or the basic design. It provides visually impressive software, has abundant and easy to use functions. Many companies in the market are overwhelming their clients to get as much money as possible. There is a common goal to achieve success, so if you work with us you can be sure that this will not happen. In addition, we are very flexible, we are ready for price negotiations and we can budget without compromising important things.

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Types of Applications for Dmartphones

There is a wide range of different types of software you can choose from. The main app stores classify apps by category, such as education, food, physical condition, productivity, lifestyle, entertainment, health, etc. Typical types of smartphone programs based on the architecture and functionality of smartphone include the following:

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You can create basic applications using hierarchical models. For example, there is a large theme on the home screen and a new level theme is displayed when it is opened. The email list of the iPhone is organized according to this principle. This is the simplest type of development and design of the app, no doubt, it will be a good option to provide some information to the user for companies that are waiting to create a simple program for the purpose. With the help of a professional designer, it is not difficult to make those applications work for your success.

This is not exactly a specific type of mobile app, but it is worth enumerating it. Do you want to use a lot of content? Let's say you have dozens of types of vehicles that you need to organize and display in a different way. You can do it using a slightly different approach to the basic table architecture. Such type of development can be done by the app itself or by the online web service. Please, read more about this guy.

The choice of games is endless, from very simple applications like Tetris to infinitely complex with non-linear stories and excellent 3D graphics like Need for Speed ​​and Shadow Fight. Beyond the level, it is possible to control the character by tilting the device in several directions, reaching the top of the Apple Store game category, but it is possible. Not only is it necessary to have a deep knowledge of the mobile gaming market, but you are only familiar with the latest technology.

Standard software or hardware updates or custom apps. This type of app, means that the camera, launcher, alarm, calendar, to create the product as a specific features of the mobile phone even more advanced, such as a flashlight. A great example of this type is the VSCO app that allows you to take pictures, edit them, add multiple filters, adjust various settings and save them in a photo album created in the app.

Like database-based apps, dynamic applications depend on information from external sources. For example, Twitter, AccuWeather, Flipboard.

The goal of these programs is to allow users to create their own content. Examples of such apps are Pages, Numbers and Adobe Illustrator Draw. There are many other options that offer a unique experience and do not fit the categories listed above, but these are the main types that cover approximately 90% of all applications and are available in the app store.

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