iPad App Development: Tips and Guides

Our experts in the development of apps, look at the iPad from the angle of business, we will introduce to you the tips and guidelines for the design of the app for the famous Apple tablet.

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App Creation Platforms

There are three ways to encourage the iPad app:

  • To create your own native app, request the Apple Developer Program. Annual fee is 60 pounds, and before it can be available to the public, you will be able to access a lot of development tools and the beta version of a new version of iOS.
  • Another option is to use the platform or constructor for the creation of iPad apps. However, since the Apple tool is only available for Mac, you must use a Mac (the opportunity to release the Xcode for Windows is the same as that of Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac).
  • Ask questions about iPad application development from a professional team. We will explain in detail the three solutions below.
Mac Emulator or OS X

Of course, using the emulator or a virtual machine, but it is also a way to run OS X on the computer is not Apple, a violation of Apple's license terms to do this. If I had never experienced the use of such software, that would be really difficult. In this case, usually this type of hardware is because it is enough to develop the iPad app, it is much easier to buy a used Mac Mini a few hundred pounds. Many programmers who currently expect Objective-C to look like C ++ are not.

Design of Applications for iPads in Objective-C

In addition, even greater problem, there is Objective-C programming language. Many programmers who currently expect Objective-C to look like C ++ are not, in fact. Part of the encoders, has claimed that they incorporate the most annoying bits of the worst bits and C smalltops at once, but this could be serious. You can become a C ++ expert, but, in relation to the Apple framework, you must have knowledge of Objective-C. It is intended to work with the iPad's graphical user interface and other tools.

Objective-C Problems

The person who experienced programming in C ++ shows that there is no constructor and destructor in Objective-C. This can cause some problems for the first timer, since many actions must be performed manually. Also, since the namespace there is only one, you will not be able to create a public object and private objects. Many developers want to go back to the old school coding. Not only learn Objective-C, the developers of the fundamentally different to lay the foundation of the entire app for iOS will have to learn from Cocoa programming interface of Apple applications (iPad and tablets in general, Windows Windows programming).

Platform to Develop Apps for iPad

If you are not going to learn a new programming language or framework about money to a new device, you can use the app design platform for iPad. The main iPad development platforms are Flash, Stonetrip ShiVa3D, Unity 3D. The latter is designed primarily to create a game, but it can also be used for other types of applications. You can also develop applications in the Windows environment and transfer them to the iPad.


Minuses of Third-party App Building Tools

App building platform may be cool, but due to Apple's rigorous approval process, this option is not recommended for major projects or projects with a large team and budget. Initially, Apple has been able to publish the app that was developed using a third-party tool, to ban such app for a while, from the EU flash or similar types of applications in confrontation with Adobe. We were able to comply with the regulatory requirements. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that Apple does not re-prohibit applications developed with third-party tools. What is also not intended to last forever, for the approval of the app development process for iOS and the app is complicated, it is not necessary to invest in the Unit and Flash-based products so that it is not completed.

Professional iPad Design Service

As you can see, developing an iPad app is a complex task that requires a lot of skills and experience, so if you do not have enough knowledge of Internet technology, our iPad professional development can rely on a computer. We will provide valuable advice, we will help you develop first class mobile solutions that fully adapt to your business and attract customers.

Web-based Apps

The third solution is a bit easier, but less obvious: develop web-based applications. On the iPad, Safari, which supports CSS and JavaScript beautifully, is pre-installed. It goes without saying that everyone will build the next successful game like Angry Birds, but that ability will be enough to develop efficient business programs without too much exaggeration. Web-based applications do not necessarily run in the browser, do not display full-screen browser address bars and other attributes, they look exactly like the native iOS apps that use Webkit CSS. Users can manipulate them using gestures such as touch, swipe and click, and display icons on the home screen. And, most importantly, we can design web-based applications to work without an Internet connection. There are many tutorials to develop browser program using JavaScript, so we will not mention technical details.

Our clients


However, for web-based development for the iPad, you may need to know the app that you want to access only when you program iPad-based HTML applications or just users with iPads. First of all, there is no possibility of using Fash. Apple and Adobe have the opportunity to compensate for this, but Flash is not an option for iPad development.

The mechanism of moving through blocks and separate containers is another trick of the iPad. A standard sweep gesture invokes the window.scroll () event of Safari. This shifts the entire page instead of specific content. In fact, there is a special gesture dedicated to the iPad, it is a displacement of two fingers. As explained above, in fact, there are few people who know their function by the tablet users. For at least important content, you need to scroll through the text blocks.

Also, you can not create mouse-controlled controls in the iOS interface or other touch-screen devices. The reason behind this is, as soon as the user knows where to find the finger when the screen is touched, you can see that to perform a "click". However, the Safari browser for mobile devices has events like onmouseover, so there are many hacks that can help avoid this. However, in practice, more than the mouse cursor, given the fact that they run on the quick tap, this is that it could be difficult to explain difficult to do, it is recommended to avoid. As the touch pad device is not designed to work as the mouse, this specific point should be taken into consideration during the construction of the iPad app interface.

The point to keep in mind is the fixed location of CSS. Instead of the browser layout, you need ox x objects on the page, you need to specify the y coordinate. This, keep in mind that it is independent of the absolute configuration it is necessary to specify the exact coordinates of the page to place the object. With respect to the fixed position, since it is used to fix the object to the browser window, the object will remain in the same place when it is moved. It is usually used for footers, headers, navigation, etc.

We have three possibilities of the creation of the app for iPad, that is, the native apps, web apps, and although we have discussed the three possibilities of PP, which was developed in a platform that generates apps. Although all professional developers will have to spend more on the natural development of the apps, high quality that are published in the App Store, because it can lead to much more income than the initial budget of app, native No doubt about the app .

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