5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Business

IPhone with its rich and diverse app store has a lot to offer to a business personnel. If you wish to understand the ultimate iPhone experience, you have to start exploring beyond iTunes. Business professionals out there can now complete all his or her assignments sitting at home with these 6 must have apps.

#1: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is by far the best social networking site for professionals. It provides the user with multiple options and choices to fill to generate a complete employee or employer profile. As an employee you can update your profile with your educational background, experience, skills, hobbies etc. You can search for jobs suitable for you. It will help you establish professional connection with like-minded people and employers looking to recruit.

#2: Intuit GoPayment

This specialised app makes buying or selling goods and services a whole lot easier with its user friendly interface and simplicity of usage. The GoPayment app comes with a Card Reader which can be connected to your device if needed. With this app you can make transactions via debit or credit card just by swiping your card in the card reader. All transactions are encoded and encrypted, hence secure.

#3: Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a very handy app as it will help you view pdf files. It can be used to import, edit and export pdf documents on the go. With the latest updates in the app, now you have more options under your belt and it is almost equal to the desktop version.
The paid version of this app has several added features like Camera to pdf. Overall this app provides excellent user experience.

#4: Evernote

This app with its neat User Interface and simple design has toppled most of its competitors. This note taking app provides facilities like storing voice recordings of important discussions or meeting, snapshots, text documents. All files and documents can be synched with your cloud just by signing in.

#5: CloudMagic

CloudMagic is by far the best email client app you can have on your iPhone. With its ability to support up to five email accounts, this app can be very useful for someone in the corporate world. It functions with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and any IMAP account. With very good presentation and ability to show each account individually, this app is unique.
So next time you go out for that business meeting downtown, make sure you have these apps in your iPhone.