Website Development in London: How to Develop a Great Site

As time-proven experts in web development from London, we know that there are multiple ways to generate your website’s traffic and boost sales. Let us help your to drive your business.

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Tips on Web Development from London Industry Experts

You can utilise search engine optimisation tactics, write useful and interesting content, create stunning designs or implement efficient functionality, but in order to make an impression on Google and your customers, you have to find the right combination of these elements.
Website design and mobile development is a primary concern of many modern businesses who wish to establish a strong online presence to be visible to the largest audience of internet users. Our talented web development experts from London, business analysts and designers have prepared the list of tips that will help you create a perfect business site. Read on and pay attention to the recommendations of our development professionals as you design your business site.
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Usability and Content

“Content is King”, as Bill Gates has put it, and it will always remain so in the online marketing world. Therefore, ensure your content clicks with your customers and motivates them to buy your products and services. Another important aspect to pay attention to is your website’s usability - if your visitors navigate your site easily and find what they search within second, then you offer a great experience to your customer, improving your customer relations and establishing trust.

Visually Appealing Designs

When the visitors access your website for the first time, design is what they pay attention to in the first place. So take care to choose the best website development in London to ensure that your site stands out from the competition and appeal to your customers. Keep in mind that the looks of your site is what represents your business online and makes the first impression on your customers, so do not ignore it.

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Integration

Search engine optimisation improves your site’s rankings in search engine results, and is particularly efficient if you target a niche audience. Social media integration is another essential features that significantly improves your website’s SEO, so make sure that your London development experts are proficient in this area of development. Giving your customers an opportunity to share content, follow your page, like your posts and join your social groups promotes your brand on social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

Appealing Colour Scheme and Intuitive Interface

The style of the site and the colours it utilises should reflect your brand identity. So make this a starting point when choosing the colour scheme for your site - if you offer some professional services, make the designs smart and moderate, if you run an entertainment or fashion business, choose vivid colours, combining them into visually aesthetic schemes. Apart from visual appeal, think of usability and intuitivity of the interface, because an elaborate navigation and unintuitive structure drive visitors away. Strive for simplicity and remember - the user should understand what is the purpose of every element by just looking at it.

Security and Responsiveness

The internet is full of threats such as viruses, hacker attacks, malicious programs and other dangers to backend and frontend that you should protect your website from. It is especially important because today many consumers prefer to do shopping on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, not only you should ensure the security, but also provide responsiveness that enables your site to adjust to different screen sizes of your customers’ devices.

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Cross-Browser Compatibility and Client Reviews

Despite huge popularity of smartphones, many people still prefer to browse the internet on desktop computers, so make sure your site is compatible with all leading browsers and their different versions. You can use Google Analytics to check what browser your visitors use. And do not forget to give your customers an opportunity to leave their reviews, thus you will establish trust to your brand and connect to your customers. People will come to your website to share their opinion on your products with others, to ask you questions and to check out what others write about you, so give your customers a chance to express themselves.

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Carefully choose the domain name for your website, so that it reflects your brand or products you sell. The domain name should indicate to your area of business, being memorable and precise so that your customers will easily remember it when they will want to visit your site again. Check whether the spelling is correct and do use elaborate words, as they are harder to memorise. Speaking of hosting, look for a service that covers your needs and meets your budget. A server with backup functionality and advanced security is the best solutions that will nesire a long lifecycle for you online platform.

More and more enterprise clients approach us with this question as WordPress’s popularity grows among businesses. As experts in website development based in London, we believe WordPress is highly a suitable solution for a business which wants to establish a good reputation, as it lacks options for customisation. Bespoke web development excels WordPress, because it can meet your specific business needs, and having even a simple one-page website created exclusively for your gives you more freedom and options to evolve than a large portal built in WordPress. However, WordPress has its advantages as well, and we would like to tell you about all its pros and cons so that you could make an informed decision.

  • Training - if you have any development issues or need help with your WordPress site, you can easily find the answer to your question on the web, because there are millions of video tutorials, articles, communities and other WordPress training sources - all you have to do is Google it.
  • Easy to use - WordPress’s customisable features may not be very intuitive, but it is great in terms of content publishing. The editor is very handy and efficient, although it still lacks some useful elements, for instance, subheaders.
  • Available resources - WrodPress tools, plugins and other resources are everywhere - you can easily find anything you want. However, there is a downside to this - many resources available on the internet are of very poor quality, so be cautious.
  • A lot of opportunities for integration - you can add form and integrate any plugins, tools and other functionality you want. There are lots of plugin directories that provide you with hundreds of WordPress integration tools.
  • Customisation options - WordPress provides you with limitless themes, widgets, plugins, post types and other option to customise the looks of your website. And it also has many APIs to cover all aspects of WordPress development.
  • Search engine optimisation - WordPress sites have some preset SEO options, but they are not enough to get your site to the top of Google’s search results. There are different SEO plugins as well, but unfortunately their functionality cannot compare to the tools available for non-WordPress solutions.
  • Performance - WordPress does not provide for page caching and database tools, but you can use WordPress Managed Hosting services that offer this functionality. This means that you will have to pay money to have a fully functional website with page caching, database optimisation, log files and other important tools to ensure your website’s stability and security.
  • I18N (internationalisation) - WordPress tells you how to internationalise different tools and themes, but does not provide integration of localised content. However, you can use The WordPress Multilingual Plugin, which will facilitate the task.
  • Security - About one fourth of all the web is powered by WordPress, which makes it a primary target for hacker attacks. As mentioned above, managed hostings and theme updates can secure you from many problems, but again, you will have to pay extra. In such cases, our development experts located in London advice creating child themes, because if you continue to update the parent theme, you can put your site at risk because of a theme that you will not be able to update.
  • Codebase - WordPress themes can boast great designs but often lack speed, customisation options and optimisation. Moreover, many themes and widgets for WordPress are developed really, really badly. WIthout a doubt, you will have to waste much precious time trying to optimise these off-the-shelf solutions, rewriting their code, and again, this is where child themes will help you out a lot.